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Finally a changing poncho that brings style and sustainability for full versatility. Marlin Ray surf ponchos are made from lightweight yet absorbent, 100% cotton fabric. The cool weather version is lined with 100% organic cotton terry. Use it at the beach, pool, park, mountainside, or street side. For the shore and more, we've got you covered.

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Surf poncho or year-round Wookie wear? Yes to both! I am loving mine for the pre and post surf change ups, beach blanket out of Babylon, and simply to cut the chill for the après chill. From oceanside to mountainside to fireside it curiously transports me back to the nostalgia of my "blankie" as a little kid. Only this time I'm bigger. 

Bryan Cole

If you want to cover yourself up and discretely change into your wetsuit while still looking cool, this is amazing and it's what you are looking for! I've been fantasizing about making my own for the last 20 years since seeing something similar in Japan - but now I don't have to! This fair trade gem is way better than I could have ever imagined.

Sachi Cunningham

The poncho felt great after trunking it… a perfect post-surf warmer and windbreaker. It feels super soft and I love the pouch to keep my hands warm too! Stoked on the design and quality. Rocking the poncho with a classic Hynson single fin.

Trey Highton

I LOVE this poncho! I didn't know I needed one until I tried it. I like that the poncho absorbs water from my wet hair while I change instead of getting into my clothes and skin cold and wet. Instead of fumbling with my towel, I was in my clothes more quickly and easily.  It is a game changer in staying warm, dry, and happier!  

Julie Cox

This thing is rad! So stoked and so good for the night life poncho life baby! 

Andy Olive

I absolutely love it! I love the terry inside. And so multifunctional as a beach towel too. The roomy size and length are great. It never felt like it got dirty and it dries super fast!

Courtney Hardt

Perfect for wardrobe stylists and photographers on location too! Models can make wardrobe changes quickly and easily. Much better than lugging around a changing tent, or ducking behind a rock in public to change! I'm ordering one for my kit.

Victoria Smith

I love it! It's super lightweight and spacious for changing. It's Friday night and I'm kickin it at home and watering my garden, all in my poncho!

Rebecca Wunderlich

I'm wearing this African surf poncho to change into my wetsuit nowadays. The terry cloth lining is really comfy. It keeps people from looking at me belly while I put me wettie on!

Ian Glover
Marlin Ray Surf Changing Poncho


Marlin Ray Surf Changing Poncho