Marlin Ray was founded from our love for the ocean and the magic of nature. Our passion for adventure, beauty and being of service drives the way we live and design: with aesthetic, environmental and social care. We only make products that we love and can't find anywhere else. Our products are made well for humans and the planet.

Joyce and Josh met at the right time.

Josh cut his teeth surfing the coastal wilderness of Northern California, where he cultivated a healthy obsession with large great white sharks. He worked for years with many different nonprofits as an activist and educator, protecting coastlines and sea life all over the world. He also worked in fast fashion, which wasn’t pretty. Josh is a filmmaker for design and maker communities, and he surfs as much as possible. Read his story here.

Joyce was burnt out after over a decade of working in the conventional fashion industry, first as a model, then marketer and entrepreneur. Her search for more from life and work led her to sustainable fashion and conservation. Eight years in, she carries a deep understanding of the good, the bad and the ugly realities of apparel manufacturing and is inspired to make it better. Read her story here

Their lives intersected at fashion and conservation, and Marlin Ray was born. 

Marlin Ray Founders