Plant Mangrove Trees Through SeaTrees, our partner in ecological restoration.

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Perhaps you noticed that we fund the planting of mangrove trees (five for each poncho, two for each towel purchased in 2021). For a buck a tree, you can fund the growing and planting of a mangrove tree through SeaTrees. 

SeaTrees is a lean organization that directs funds from companies like ours to planting efforts of where are you? volunteers in places such as the Tana river in Kenya, and  numerous important mangrove sites on Pacific islands and in  Central and South America. 

After decades of experience in conservation, we are cautious about which  organizations actually do much conservation with their funds. We have seen their work and track record. Forests planted and no glitzy jet set life style for the couple of organizers. 

Mangroves are: 1 critical fish nurseries, 2. filters that prevent sedimentation of coral reefs, 3. protect inland areas from storm surges and beach erosion, 4 protect fresh ground water from salt intrusion, and 5, are a biodiverse ecosystem and nesting site for birds as well. Mangroves have suffered devastating losses from: 

  • Shrimp Aquaculture
  • Charcoal Production and Logging
  • Oil Exploration and Extraction
  • Tourism
  • Urbanization and Urban Expansion
  • Ports and Roads

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