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Bees and trees provide!

We make our surf wax from only locally sourced bees wax (some from our hives), pine resin from a family run sustainable forest in Georgia, and coconut oil. We tweaked a recipe from Youtube, and made molds from scrap lumber.  

We also realized that we could make waxed food wrappers as packaging! Instead of paper wrappers that get gummed up into your board wax, and plastic wax boxes, the  waxed 100% cotton wrapper easily re-wraps your wax. Sand brushes off it fairly easily, and you can later use it to cover food containers - or even store any wax that you are saving to remelt (an easy task).
We waxed this wrapper with a different formulation of beeswax, Jojoba oil and pine resin - still all food grade! Obviously, these are not serious money making products... We do it for fun, to promote the vision that I am sure your share: a world of safe and sustainable products. Why should we put petroleum based waxes in our ecosystems when there are safer alternatives? 
You won't smell any artificial "fragrances", just the "hive" scent of the beeswax, and a southern pine forest. It is also a great salve for working hands and feet - although a little on the sticky side. 
Stay inspired! We can each make the world better by improving one process at a time. 


Surf Wax is 3oz

Dimensions are 6 x 7 x 2cm aprox. 

Hand Made